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Where can I find a 13069 dentist?

13069 Dentist

When it comes to treating a toothache in South Fulton, NY, it is important to find a dentist who can provide the urgent, compassionate care you need. For many in the South Fulton community, that dentist is Dr. Frank Fruce of Advanced Dental Arts. Dr. Fruce, your family-friendly 13069 dentist, welcomes emergency patients; his office is the only place where a dental emergency is welcome and quickly shown the door! At Advanced Dental Arts, we encourage you to call our office as soon as you begin to feel discomfort and we will make every effort to schedule you for treatment as promptly as possible so that we can help you feel better as quickly as possible. We view it as our mission to help each member of our community achieve optimal dental health, and by providing you with exceptional emergency care as soon as a problem arises, we can reach that goal. Make Advanced Dental Arts your first choice for emergency toothache treatment.

During your appointment with Dr. Fruce, you will undergo a comprehensive smile examination so that we can determine the exact cause of your pain. Toothaches can be just one symptom of a more extensive problem, but Dr. Fruce’s skill and experience in treating emergencies of all kinds will assure you have the correct diagnosis and the best options for treatment. We are committed to maintaining our position at the forefront of modern dentistry, and that means utilizing the most advanced techniques and technologies; whether your toothache is caused by injury, decay, or disease, you will be in good hands at the state-of-the-art facility of your 13069 dentist.

When you have a dental emergency that needs immediate treatment, give Advanced Dental Arts a call. As your emergency 13069 dentist, we will prioritize your call and treat you with the expedience and compassion you deserve.


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